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LifeLine Pietermaritzburg is affiliated to LifeLine South Africa, which incorporates branches all over the country. Even if you are not close to LifeLine Pietermaritzburg, you will be able to access help through this page.

On this page:

E-mail Counselling

Sometimes we could do with some outside support. No matter how kind and concerned our nearest and dearest might be – or, as is often the case, might not be – to have the input of a trained counsellor can be very helpful.

Pioneered by LifeLine Pietermaritzburg, e-mail counselling is available to anyone who wishes to use the service.

Just a couple of things before you start:

  1. Your e-mails are confidential. You can tell us anything.
  2. There may be a delay of up to twenty-four hours before we respond.
  3. If your need is very urgent, and you are in South Africa, you will find your local LifeLine branch in the telephone book or you can dial 0861-322-322 (local rates apply). LifeLine South Africa offers a free telephonic counselling service twenty-four hours a day.
  4. We are NOT doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, or professionals in any other medical field. For medical problems, please refer to the medical experts.
E-mail a counsellor

Telephone Counselling

If you need to speak to someone about the things that worry or scare you, or about any problems that you might be having, you can telephone a LifeLine counsellor.

The share-call LifeLine number is 0861-322-322

Some regional centres also offer telephone counselling.

Some LifeLine centres also offer free face-to-face counselling, but you must make an appointment first to be sure that there is a counsellor available when you go to the branch.

Services from Pietermaritzburg Offices

Free Face-to-face Counselling


HIV Testing and Counselling

Support Groups

Online Teen Pregnancy Support Group

This site is meant particularly for teenagers - both the young mothers and fathers - who are, or think that they may be, pregnant. It is also for the parents of teenagers who fall pregnant. There is information about all kinds of things to do with being pregnant and having a baby, and there are options for you to get support. No matter whether falling pregnant is, for you, a happy or dreadful event, being properly informed and being supported through it will make it easier for you. We trust that this site will help you in both regards.

SMS Contact

If you are unable to make use of any of the other services covered on this page, you can SMS 079-506-0000.