Our vision is emotionally well and self-empowered communities

Our mission is to promote emotional wellness for individuals and communities through counselling, community dialogues, skills development, accredited training, economic strengthening, networking and partnership within the private and public sector of our designated areas.

Life Line Pietermaritzburg has been helping the community since 1972. It has evolved from a telephone service run solely by volunteers to a multi-faceted organisation active in many communities in Pietermartizburg and the surrounding communities.

LifeLine Pietermaritzburg has expanded and in 2009 opened a satellite office in Newcastle which offers similar services as the head office.

Where LifeLine Pietermaritzburg Works

What LifeLine Pietermaritzburg Does

LifeLine Pietermaritzburg t/a LifeLine PMB and Rape Crisis, provides a range of confidential counselling and training services to the community at large. LifeLine counsellors and trainers are active in various clinics and hospitals, in schools and rural communities, in police stations and courts and in companies and government departments - counselling in person, on the telephone and on-line.

Our core services are:

What LifeLine Pietermaritzburg Needs

Like all NGOs, LifeLine's resources are restricted to what funding can be raised, what donations are received and what it can generate itself. While LifeLine does generate some income from training services, it would be improper for the organisation to have to focus too much on paid-for services as its objective is to provide services to all - whether they can pay or not.

Thus, LifeLine always requires donations - of money, of time, of things - and funding for specific projects.